Introducing the Gazelle Eclipse

Introducing the Gazelle Eclipse

Ultimate performance and value from the Netherlands.
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What happens when you take 125+ years of experience building bicycles and combine it with the latest top-shelf frame and components? If you guessed the Gazelle Eclipse, you would be correct. But if you guessed adventure, performance, comfort, speed, and a whole lot of value, you would be correct as well!

Heck, there are a lot of excellent words to describe the feeling you get riding this latest creation from Gazelle. In our newest video, we'll give you a feel for the Eclipse and detail why you must come in to try this new bike. 

Gazelle's bread and butter as a brand is building supremely comfortable city bikes like the Arroyo or the Medeo that make you feel like cycling. What they have not had in the lineup until now is a truly high performance adventure bike.

The Eclipse is a bike made to go further and faster with confidence and agility. From the geometry to the component specification, everything is designed for the best performance. 

The first thing you notice is the frame. Gazelle has designed something really special and unique that doesn't look like every other ebike, especially the step-through variety. The aesthetic hides a function that is really appealing: even on the smallest frame size, the Eclipse comes standard with a 750wh Bosch PowerTube. Beyond function and style, the quality of the frame and attention to detail is apparent: the lines are clean, the cabling is internally routed, and the polished welds and paint are beautiful.

The geometry of the bike makes you feel connected with the road. It's quite remarkable how well the handling is and it comes from a few key design decisions from Gazelle: the chainstay is short giving quick handling and the air suspension fork has shorter travel but wide stanchions, giving it extreme stability at speed. The frame is stiff and strong, allowing the bike to track perfectly. Where the rubber hits the road you have robust 27.5" Schwalbe tires with good width but not so much to impact handling. Confident fun is the best way to describe the ride feel.

Comfort is also not overlooked on this bike. The ride position is classically Gazelle: narrower bars that match your shoulder with, slight sweep to put your hands in a nice position and allow for an upright posture. What is especially nice is the stem: it's beautiful, integrated design hides the ability to very easily adjust it to just the right angle for your riding style. All-in-all, you are guaranteed to be comfortable on this bike, though we would recommend the addition of a nice suspension seatpost.

You can't say fun on an ebike without talking about the motor, so here we go: The Eclipse features the latest Bosch Performance Line Speed drive system complete with the SmartSystem interface, allowing you to pair your bike with your phone, swap displays for smartphone mounts and add GPS anti-theft.

There are two Eclipse models to choose from: the Eclipse S11+ with an 11-speed chain transmission featuring Shimano's long-service-interval LinkGlide system or the Eclipse C380+ featuring Enviolo continuously variable transmission and a Gates Carbon Belt Drive. We recommend choosing the S11+ for a sporty, quick shifting ride feel and great hill climbing performance and the C380+ for smooth, quiet shifting and a clean, low maintenance drivetrain.

Finally, there are two frame styles and multiple colors to choose from: the standout low-step frame for easy on and off, and the traditional top-bar. The color options pair with the model: both models come in Anthracite, while the low-step C380+ comes in Metallic Orange and the low-step S11+ comes in Thyme Green.

If you are looking for a beautifully built, fully capable, latest and greatest speed bike, we highly recommend a ride on the new Eclipse. We've got it ready to ride in our stores in San Francisco, Marin and Oakland so please book your test ride today!

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