Introducing the Riese & Müller Culture

Introducing the Riese & Müller Culture

Beautiful, built to last, and made for you in Germany.
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The brand new Culture hits the mark as an agile, lightweight, and powerful urban ebike. It's beautiful, built to last, and made for you in Germany.

We are in love with this new bike, and so excited to have it here in the SF Bay Area. Join us as we go into detail on the latest sophisticated and understated offering from Riese & Müller

For years, our customers have been looking for a bike that is lightweight for easier handling and a more natural ride feel, yet with plenty of power to make big hills easy.

When Bosch introduced their latest lightweight motor and battery combination last year, Riese & Müller had the drive system for the job and the Culture was born. Thanks to a uniquely nimble production system where bikes are made to order, Riese & Müller became one of the first manufacturers in the world to develop and deliver a bike with the Bosch Sprint drive, and now The New Wheel is one of the first shops in the country to have them on hand to test-ride and sell.

The Bosch Sprint drive is as lightweight as it gets, and what makes it really special is the light weight coupled with powerful performance. It is fully re-engineered to offer high torque as well as increased wattage and ultra-low pedal resistance. This combination makes the Sprint motor feel natural, nimble, and powerful enough to climb even the steepest hills. And with 28mph top assist, you can really fly when it's time to make haste.

But the Culture is more than just a lightweight, fun ebike. Riese & Müller applied understated yet progressive design to make it special, and applied their craft at building bikes correctly to imbue it with quality.

On first ride you'll notice the subtle feelings of a well built bike and the distinct lines that make it stand out. The braking system feels great, fits the aesthetic of the bike, and offers long service intervals. The frame design allows for beautifully precise shifting performance on your choice of the the high-mileage Linkglide transmission by Shimano, or a carbon belt drive paired with Enviolo or Shimano Nexus internally geared hubs.

We've configured our demo bikes with the "comfort kit," which includes high quality front suspension and seatpost suspension. For riders seeking for the most lightweight build, opt for the non-suspension version.

In all configurations, the Culture offers a confidence-inspiring, comfortable ride. There are no "low-quality" configurations. Every version of the bike is built appropriately for the intended use of daily riding.

And lest we forget, you have frame choices! Pick the top-bar frame for traditional yet modern look, or the mixte frame as a sleek and practical step-through for easy on-and-off.

All in all, the Culture is a bike that is unique and must be test ridden to be fully appreciated. We have the Culture and Culture Mixte in-stock and available to ride in San Francisco, Marin, and Oakland, so stop by and take a ride!

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